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// Copyright 2016 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef sw_PixelProcessor_hpp
#define sw_PixelProcessor_hpp
#include "Context.hpp"
#include "Memset.hpp"
#include "RoutineCache.hpp"
#include "Vulkan/VkFormat.hpp"
#include <memory>
namespace sw {
struct DrawData;
struct Primitive;
class SpirvShader;
using RasterizerFunction = FunctionT<void(const vk::Device *device, const Primitive *primitive, int count, int cluster, int clusterCount, DrawData *draw)>;
class PixelProcessor
struct States : Memset<States>
// Same as VkStencilOpState, but with no reference, as it's not part of the state
// (it doesn't require a different program to be generated)
struct StencilOpState
VkStencilOp failOp;
VkStencilOp passOp;
VkStencilOp depthFailOp;
VkCompareOp compareOp;
uint32_t compareMask;
uint32_t writeMask;
void operator=(const VkStencilOpState &rhs)
failOp = rhs.failOp;
passOp = rhs.passOp;
depthFailOp = rhs.depthFailOp;
compareOp = rhs.compareOp;
compareMask = rhs.compareMask;
writeMask = rhs.writeMask;
: Memset(this, 0)
uint32_t computeHash();
uint64_t shaderID;
uint32_t pipelineLayoutIdentifier;
unsigned int numClipDistances;
unsigned int numCullDistances;
VkCompareOp depthCompareMode;
bool depthWriteEnable;
bool stencilActive;
StencilOpState frontStencil;
StencilOpState backStencil;
bool depthTestActive;
bool depthBoundsTestActive;
bool occlusionEnabled;
bool perspective;
vk::BlendState blendState[MAX_COLOR_BUFFERS];
unsigned int colorWriteMask;
vk::Format colorFormat[MAX_COLOR_BUFFERS];
unsigned int multiSampleCount;
unsigned int multiSampleMask;
bool enableMultiSampling;
bool alphaToCoverage;
bool centroid;
bool sampleShadingEnabled;
float minSampleShading;
float minDepthBounds;
float maxDepthBounds;
VkFrontFace frontFace;
vk::Format depthFormat;
bool depthBias;
bool depthClamp;
float minDepthClamp;
float maxDepthClamp;
struct State : States
bool operator==(const State &state) const;
int colorWriteActive(int index) const
return (colorWriteMask >> (index * 4)) & 0xF;
uint32_t hash;
struct Stencil
int64_t testMaskQ;
int64_t referenceMaskedQ;
int64_t referenceMaskedSignedQ;
int64_t writeMaskQ;
int64_t invWriteMaskQ;
int64_t referenceQ;
void set(int reference, int testMask, int writeMask)
referenceQ = replicate(reference);
testMaskQ = replicate(testMask);
writeMaskQ = replicate(writeMask);
invWriteMaskQ = ~writeMaskQ;
referenceMaskedQ = referenceQ & testMaskQ;
referenceMaskedSignedQ = replicate(((reference & testMask) + 0x80) & 0xFF);
static int64_t replicate(int b)
int64_t w = b & 0xFF;
return (w << 0) | (w << 8) | (w << 16) | (w << 24) | (w << 32) | (w << 40) | (w << 48) | (w << 56);
struct Factor
float4 blendConstantF; // Unclamped for floating-point attachment formats.
float4 invBlendConstantF; // Unclamped for floating-point attachment formats.
float4 blendConstantU; // Clamped to [0,1] for unsigned fixed-point attachment formats.
float4 invBlendConstantU; // Clamped to [0,1] for unsigned fixed-point attachment formats.
float4 blendConstantS; // Clamped to [-1,1] for signed fixed-point attachment formats.
float4 invBlendConstantS; // Clamped to [-1,1] for signed fixed-point attachment formats.
using RoutineType = RasterizerFunction::RoutineType;
void setBlendConstant(const float4 &blendConstant);
const State update(const vk::GraphicsState &pipelineState, const sw::SpirvShader *fragmentShader, const sw::SpirvShader *vertexShader, const vk::Attachments &attachments, bool occlusionEnabled) const;
RoutineType routine(const State &state, const vk::PipelineLayout *pipelineLayout,
const SpirvShader *pixelShader, const vk::DescriptorSet::Bindings &descriptorSets);
void setRoutineCacheSize(int routineCacheSize);
// Other semi-constants
Factor factor;
using RoutineCacheType = RoutineCache<State, RasterizerFunction::CFunctionType>;
std::unique_ptr<RoutineCacheType> routineCache;
} // namespace sw
namespace std {
struct hash<sw::PixelProcessor::State>
uint64_t operator()(const sw::PixelProcessor::State &state) const
return state.hash;
} // namespace std
#endif // sw_PixelProcessor_hpp