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//===-- - Describe the Mips Target Machine ---------*- tablegen -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This is the top level entry point for the Mips target.
// Target-independent interfaces
include "llvm/Target/"
// The overall idea of the PredicateControl class is to chop the Predicates list
// into subsets that are usually overridden independently. This allows
// subclasses to partially override the predicates of their superclasses without
// having to re-add all the existing predicates.
class PredicateControl {
// Predicates for the encoding scheme in use such as HasStdEnc
list<Predicate> EncodingPredicates = [];
// Predicates for the GPR size such as IsGP64bit
list<Predicate> GPRPredicates = [];
// Predicates for the PTR size such as IsPTR64bit
list<Predicate> PTRPredicates = [];
// Predicates for a symbol's size such as hasSym32.
list<Predicate> SYMPredicates = [];
// Predicates for the FGR size and layout such as IsFP64bit
list<Predicate> FGRPredicates = [];
// Predicates for the instruction group membership such as ISA's.
list<Predicate> InsnPredicates = [];
// Predicate for the ASE that an instruction belongs to.
list<Predicate> ASEPredicate = [];
// Predicate for marking the instruction as usable in hard-float mode only.
list<Predicate> HardFloatPredicate = [];
// Predicates for anything else
list<Predicate> AdditionalPredicates = [];
list<Predicate> Predicates = !listconcat(EncodingPredicates,
// Like Requires<> but for the AdditionalPredicates list
class AdditionalRequires<list<Predicate> preds> {
list<Predicate> AdditionalPredicates = preds;
// Register File, Calling Conv, Instruction Descriptions
include ""
include ""
include ""
include ""
include ""
// Avoid forward declaration issues.
include ""
include ""
def MipsInstrInfo : InstrInfo;
// Mips Subtarget features //
def FeatureNoABICalls : SubtargetFeature<"noabicalls", "NoABICalls", "true",
"Disable SVR4-style position-independent code">;
def FeaturePTR64Bit : SubtargetFeature<"ptr64", "IsPTR64bit", "true",
"Pointers are 64-bit wide">;
def FeatureGP64Bit : SubtargetFeature<"gp64", "IsGP64bit", "true",
"General Purpose Registers are 64-bit wide">;
def FeatureFP64Bit : SubtargetFeature<"fp64", "IsFP64bit", "true",
"Support 64-bit FP registers">;
def FeatureFPXX : SubtargetFeature<"fpxx", "IsFPXX", "true",
"Support for FPXX">;
def FeatureNaN2008 : SubtargetFeature<"nan2008", "IsNaN2008bit", "true",
"IEEE 754-2008 NaN encoding">;
def FeatureAbs2008 : SubtargetFeature<"abs2008", "Abs2008", "true",
"Disable IEEE 754-2008 abs.fmt mode">;
def FeatureSingleFloat : SubtargetFeature<"single-float", "IsSingleFloat",
"true", "Only supports single precision float">;
def FeatureSoftFloat : SubtargetFeature<"soft-float", "IsSoftFloat", "true",
"Does not support floating point instructions">;
def FeatureNoOddSPReg : SubtargetFeature<"nooddspreg", "UseOddSPReg", "false",
"Disable odd numbered single-precision "
def FeatureVFPU : SubtargetFeature<"vfpu", "HasVFPU",
"true", "Enable vector FPU instructions">;
def FeatureMips1 : SubtargetFeature<"mips1", "MipsArchVersion", "Mips1",
"Mips I ISA Support [highly experimental]">;
def FeatureMips2 : SubtargetFeature<"mips2", "MipsArchVersion", "Mips2",
"Mips II ISA Support [highly experimental]",
def FeatureMips3_32 : SubtargetFeature<"mips3_32", "HasMips3_32", "true",
"Subset of MIPS-III that is also in MIPS32 "
"[highly experimental]">;
def FeatureMips3_32r2 : SubtargetFeature<"mips3_32r2", "HasMips3_32r2", "true",
"Subset of MIPS-III that is also in MIPS32r2 "
"[highly experimental]">;
def FeatureMips3 : SubtargetFeature<"mips3", "MipsArchVersion", "Mips3",
"MIPS III ISA Support [highly experimental]",
[FeatureMips2, FeatureMips3_32,
FeatureMips3_32r2, FeatureGP64Bit,
def FeatureMips4_32 : SubtargetFeature<"mips4_32", "HasMips4_32", "true",
"Subset of MIPS-IV that is also in MIPS32 "
"[highly experimental]">;
def FeatureMips4_32r2 : SubtargetFeature<"mips4_32r2", "HasMips4_32r2", "true",
"Subset of MIPS-IV that is also in MIPS32r2 "
"[highly experimental]">;
def FeatureMips4 : SubtargetFeature<"mips4", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips4", "MIPS IV ISA Support",
[FeatureMips3, FeatureMips4_32,
def FeatureMips5_32r2 : SubtargetFeature<"mips5_32r2", "HasMips5_32r2", "true",
"Subset of MIPS-V that is also in MIPS32r2 "
"[highly experimental]">;
def FeatureMips5 : SubtargetFeature<"mips5", "MipsArchVersion", "Mips5",
"MIPS V ISA Support [highly experimental]",
[FeatureMips4, FeatureMips5_32r2]>;
def FeatureMips32 : SubtargetFeature<"mips32", "MipsArchVersion", "Mips32",
"Mips32 ISA Support",
[FeatureMips2, FeatureMips3_32,
def FeatureMips32r2 : SubtargetFeature<"mips32r2", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips32r2", "Mips32r2 ISA Support",
[FeatureMips3_32r2, FeatureMips4_32r2,
FeatureMips5_32r2, FeatureMips32]>;
def FeatureMips32r3 : SubtargetFeature<"mips32r3", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips32r3", "Mips32r3 ISA Support",
def FeatureMips32r5 : SubtargetFeature<"mips32r5", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips32r5", "Mips32r5 ISA Support",
def FeatureMips32r6 : SubtargetFeature<"mips32r6", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips32r6 ISA Support [experimental]",
[FeatureMips32r5, FeatureFP64Bit,
FeatureNaN2008, FeatureAbs2008]>;
def FeatureMips64 : SubtargetFeature<"mips64", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips64", "Mips64 ISA Support",
[FeatureMips5, FeatureMips32]>;
def FeatureMips64r2 : SubtargetFeature<"mips64r2", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips64r2", "Mips64r2 ISA Support",
[FeatureMips64, FeatureMips32r2]>;
def FeatureMips64r3 : SubtargetFeature<"mips64r3", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips64r3", "Mips64r3 ISA Support",
[FeatureMips64r2, FeatureMips32r3]>;
def FeatureMips64r5 : SubtargetFeature<"mips64r5", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips64r5", "Mips64r5 ISA Support",
[FeatureMips64r3, FeatureMips32r5]>;
def FeatureMips64r6 : SubtargetFeature<"mips64r6", "MipsArchVersion",
"Mips64r6 ISA Support [experimental]",
[FeatureMips32r6, FeatureMips64r5,
FeatureNaN2008, FeatureAbs2008]>;
def FeatureSym32 : SubtargetFeature<"sym32", "HasSym32", "true",
"Symbols are 32 bit on Mips64">;
def FeatureMips16 : SubtargetFeature<"mips16", "InMips16Mode", "true",
"Mips16 mode">;
def FeatureDSP : SubtargetFeature<"dsp", "HasDSP", "true", "Mips DSP ASE">;
def FeatureDSPR2 : SubtargetFeature<"dspr2", "HasDSPR2", "true",
"Mips DSP-R2 ASE", [FeatureDSP]>;
def FeatureDSPR3
: SubtargetFeature<"dspr3", "HasDSPR3", "true", "Mips DSP-R3 ASE",
[ FeatureDSP, FeatureDSPR2 ]>;
def FeatureMSA : SubtargetFeature<"msa", "HasMSA", "true", "Mips MSA ASE">;
def FeatureEVA : SubtargetFeature<"eva", "HasEVA", "true", "Mips EVA ASE">;
def FeatureCRC : SubtargetFeature<"crc", "HasCRC", "true", "Mips R6 CRC ASE">;
def FeatureVirt : SubtargetFeature<"virt", "HasVirt", "true",
"Mips Virtualization ASE">;
def FeatureGINV : SubtargetFeature<"ginv", "HasGINV", "true",
"Mips Global Invalidate ASE">;
def FeatureMicroMips : SubtargetFeature<"micromips", "InMicroMipsMode", "true",
"microMips mode">;
def FeatureCnMips : SubtargetFeature<"cnmips", "HasCnMips",
"true", "Octeon cnMIPS Support",
def FeatureCnMipsP : SubtargetFeature<"cnmipsp", "HasCnMipsP",
"true", "Octeon+ cnMIPS Support",
def FeatureUseTCCInDIV : SubtargetFeature<
"UseTCCInDIV", "false",
"Force the assembler to use trapping">;
def FeatureMadd4
: SubtargetFeature<"nomadd4", "DisableMadd4", "true",
"Disable 4-operand madd.fmt and related instructions">;
def FeatureMT : SubtargetFeature<"mt", "HasMT", "true", "Mips MT ASE">;
def FeatureLongCalls : SubtargetFeature<"long-calls", "UseLongCalls", "true",
"Disable use of the jal instruction">;
def FeatureXGOT
: SubtargetFeature<"xgot", "UseXGOT", "true", "Assume 32-bit GOT">;
def FeatureUseIndirectJumpsHazard : SubtargetFeature<"use-indirect-jump-hazard",
"true", "Use indirect jump"
" guards to prevent certain speculation based attacks">;
// Mips processors supported.
def ImplP5600 : SubtargetFeature<"p5600", "ProcImpl",
"The P5600 Processor", [FeatureMips32r5]>;
class Proc<string Name, list<SubtargetFeature> Features>
: ProcessorModel<Name, MipsGenericModel, Features>;
def : Proc<"generic", [FeatureMips32]>;
def : Proc<"mips1", [FeatureMips1]>;
def : Proc<"mips2", [FeatureMips2]>;
def : Proc<"mips32", [FeatureMips32]>;
def : Proc<"mips32r2", [FeatureMips32r2]>;
def : Proc<"mips32r3", [FeatureMips32r3]>;
def : Proc<"mips32r5", [FeatureMips32r5]>;
def : Proc<"mips32r6", [FeatureMips32r6]>;
def : Proc<"mips3", [FeatureMips3]>;
def : Proc<"mips4", [FeatureMips4]>;
def : Proc<"mips5", [FeatureMips5]>;
def : Proc<"mips64", [FeatureMips64]>;
def : Proc<"mips64r2", [FeatureMips64r2]>;
def : Proc<"mips64r3", [FeatureMips64r3]>;
def : Proc<"mips64r5", [FeatureMips64r5]>;
def : Proc<"mips64r6", [FeatureMips64r6]>;
def : Proc<"octeon", [FeatureMips64r2, FeatureCnMips]>;
def : Proc<"octeon+", [FeatureMips64r2, FeatureCnMips, FeatureCnMipsP]>;
def : ProcessorModel<"p5600", MipsP5600Model, [ImplP5600]>;
def MipsAsmParser : AsmParser {
let ShouldEmitMatchRegisterName = 0;
def MipsAsmParserVariant : AsmParserVariant {
int Variant = 0;
// Recognize hard coded registers.
string RegisterPrefix = "$";
def Mips : Target {
let InstructionSet = MipsInstrInfo;
let AssemblyParsers = [MipsAsmParser];
let AssemblyParserVariants = [MipsAsmParserVariant];
let AllowRegisterRenaming = 1;
// Pfm Counters
include ""