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//===-- Passes.h - Target independent code generation passes ----*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines interfaces to access the target independent code generation
// passes provided by the LLVM backend.
#include <functional>
#include <string>
namespace llvm {
class FunctionPass;
class MachineFunction;
class MachineFunctionPass;
class ModulePass;
class Pass;
class TargetMachine;
class TargetRegisterClass;
class raw_ostream;
} // End llvm namespace
/// List of target independent CodeGen pass IDs.
namespace llvm {
FunctionPass *createAtomicExpandPass();
/// createUnreachableBlockEliminationPass - The LLVM code generator does not
/// work well with unreachable basic blocks (what live ranges make sense for a
/// block that cannot be reached?). As such, a code generator should either
/// not instruction select unreachable blocks, or run this pass as its
/// last LLVM modifying pass to clean up blocks that are not reachable from
/// the entry block.
FunctionPass *createUnreachableBlockEliminationPass();
/// MachineFunctionPrinter pass - This pass prints out the machine function to
/// the given stream as a debugging tool.
MachineFunctionPass *
createMachineFunctionPrinterPass(raw_ostream &OS,
const std::string &Banner ="");
/// MIRPrinting pass - this pass prints out the LLVM IR into the given stream
/// using the MIR serialization format.
MachineFunctionPass *createPrintMIRPass(raw_ostream &OS);
/// This pass resets a MachineFunction when it has the FailedISel property
/// as if it was just created.
/// If EmitFallbackDiag is true, the pass will emit a
/// DiagnosticInfoISelFallback for every MachineFunction it resets.
/// If AbortOnFailedISel is true, abort compilation instead of resetting.
MachineFunctionPass *createResetMachineFunctionPass(bool EmitFallbackDiag,
bool AbortOnFailedISel);
/// createCodeGenPreparePass - Transform the code to expose more pattern
/// matching during instruction selection.
FunctionPass *createCodeGenPreparePass();
/// createScalarizeMaskedMemIntrinPass - Replace masked load, store, gather
/// and scatter intrinsics with scalar code when target doesn't support them.
FunctionPass *createScalarizeMaskedMemIntrinPass();
/// AtomicExpandID -- Lowers atomic operations in terms of either cmpxchg
/// load-linked/store-conditional loops.
extern char &AtomicExpandID;
/// MachineLoopInfo - This pass is a loop analysis pass.
extern char &MachineLoopInfoID;
/// MachineDominators - This pass is a machine dominators analysis pass.
extern char &MachineDominatorsID;
/// MachineDominanaceFrontier - This pass is a machine dominators analysis pass.
extern char &MachineDominanceFrontierID;
/// MachineRegionInfo - This pass computes SESE regions for machine functions.
extern char &MachineRegionInfoPassID;
/// EdgeBundles analysis - Bundle machine CFG edges.
extern char &EdgeBundlesID;
/// LiveVariables pass - This pass computes the set of blocks in which each
/// variable is life and sets machine operand kill flags.
extern char &LiveVariablesID;
/// PHIElimination - This pass eliminates machine instruction PHI nodes
/// by inserting copy instructions. This destroys SSA information, but is the
/// desired input for some register allocators. This pass is "required" by
/// these register allocator like this: AU.addRequiredID(PHIEliminationID);
extern char &PHIEliminationID;
/// LiveIntervals - This analysis keeps track of the live ranges of virtual
/// and physical registers.
extern char &LiveIntervalsID;
/// LiveStacks pass. An analysis keeping track of the liveness of stack slots.
extern char &LiveStacksID;
/// TwoAddressInstruction - This pass reduces two-address instructions to
/// use two operands. This destroys SSA information but it is desired by
/// register allocators.
extern char &TwoAddressInstructionPassID;
/// ProcessImpicitDefs pass - This pass removes IMPLICIT_DEFs.
extern char &ProcessImplicitDefsID;
/// RegisterCoalescer - This pass merges live ranges to eliminate copies.
extern char &RegisterCoalescerID;
/// MachineScheduler - This pass schedules machine instructions.
extern char &MachineSchedulerID;
/// PostMachineScheduler - This pass schedules machine instructions postRA.
extern char &PostMachineSchedulerID;
/// SpillPlacement analysis. Suggest optimal placement of spill code between
/// basic blocks.
extern char &SpillPlacementID;
/// ShrinkWrap pass. Look for the best place to insert save and restore
// instruction and update the MachineFunctionInfo with that information.
extern char &ShrinkWrapID;
/// LiveRangeShrink pass. Move instruction close to its definition to shrink
/// the definition's live range.
extern char &LiveRangeShrinkID;
/// Greedy register allocator.
extern char &RAGreedyID;
/// Basic register allocator.
extern char &RABasicID;
/// VirtRegRewriter pass. Rewrite virtual registers to physical registers as
/// assigned in VirtRegMap.
extern char &VirtRegRewriterID;
/// UnreachableMachineBlockElimination - This pass removes unreachable
/// machine basic blocks.
extern char &UnreachableMachineBlockElimID;
/// DeadMachineInstructionElim - This pass removes dead machine instructions.
extern char &DeadMachineInstructionElimID;
/// This pass adds dead/undef flags after analyzing subregister lanes.
extern char &DetectDeadLanesID;
/// This pass perform post-ra machine sink for COPY instructions.
extern char &PostRAMachineSinkingID;
/// FastRegisterAllocation Pass - This pass register allocates as fast as
/// possible. It is best suited for debug code where live ranges are short.
FunctionPass *createFastRegisterAllocator();
/// BasicRegisterAllocation Pass - This pass implements a degenerate global
/// register allocator using the basic regalloc framework.
FunctionPass *createBasicRegisterAllocator();
/// Greedy register allocation pass - This pass implements a global register
/// allocator for optimized builds.
FunctionPass *createGreedyRegisterAllocator();
/// PBQPRegisterAllocation Pass - This pass implements the Partitioned Boolean
/// Quadratic Prograaming (PBQP) based register allocator.
FunctionPass *createDefaultPBQPRegisterAllocator();
/// PrologEpilogCodeInserter - This pass inserts prolog and epilog code,
/// and eliminates abstract frame references.
extern char &PrologEpilogCodeInserterID;
MachineFunctionPass *createPrologEpilogInserterPass();
/// ExpandPostRAPseudos - This pass expands pseudo instructions after
/// register allocation.
extern char &ExpandPostRAPseudosID;
/// createPostRAHazardRecognizer - This pass runs the post-ra hazard
/// recognizer.
extern char &PostRAHazardRecognizerID;
/// createPostRAScheduler - This pass performs post register allocation
/// scheduling.
extern char &PostRASchedulerID;
/// BranchFolding - This pass performs machine code CFG based
/// optimizations to delete branches to branches, eliminate branches to
/// successor blocks (creating fall throughs), and eliminating branches over
/// branches.
extern char &BranchFolderPassID;
/// BranchRelaxation - This pass replaces branches that need to jump further
/// than is supported by a branch instruction.
extern char &BranchRelaxationPassID;
/// MachineFunctionPrinterPass - This pass prints out MachineInstr's.
extern char &MachineFunctionPrinterPassID;
/// MIRPrintingPass - this pass prints out the LLVM IR using the MIR
/// serialization format.
extern char &MIRPrintingPassID;
/// TailDuplicate - Duplicate blocks with unconditional branches
/// into tails of their predecessors.
extern char &TailDuplicateID;
/// Duplicate blocks with unconditional branches into tails of their
/// predecessors. Variant that works before register allocation.
extern char &EarlyTailDuplicateID;
/// MachineTraceMetrics - This pass computes critical path and CPU resource
/// usage in an ensemble of traces.
extern char &MachineTraceMetricsID;
/// EarlyIfConverter - This pass performs if-conversion on SSA form by
/// inserting cmov instructions.
extern char &EarlyIfConverterID;
/// EarlyIfPredicator - This pass performs if-conversion on SSA form by
/// predicating if/else block and insert select at the join point.
extern char &EarlyIfPredicatorID;
/// This pass performs instruction combining using trace metrics to estimate
/// critical-path and resource depth.
extern char &MachineCombinerID;
/// StackSlotColoring - This pass performs stack coloring and merging.
/// It merges disjoint allocas to reduce the stack size.
extern char &StackColoringID;
/// IfConverter - This pass performs machine code if conversion.
extern char &IfConverterID;
FunctionPass *createIfConverter(
std::function<bool(const MachineFunction &)> Ftor);
/// MachineBlockPlacement - This pass places basic blocks based on branch
/// probabilities.
extern char &MachineBlockPlacementID;
/// MachineBlockPlacementStats - This pass collects statistics about the
/// basic block placement using branch probabilities and block frequency
/// information.
extern char &MachineBlockPlacementStatsID;
/// GCLowering Pass - Used by gc.root to perform its default lowering
/// operations.
FunctionPass *createGCLoweringPass();
/// ShadowStackGCLowering - Implements the custom lowering mechanism
/// used by the shadow stack GC. Only runs on functions which opt in to
/// the shadow stack collector.
FunctionPass *createShadowStackGCLoweringPass();
/// GCMachineCodeAnalysis - Target-independent pass to mark safe points
/// in machine code. Must be added very late during code generation, just
/// prior to output, and importantly after all CFG transformations (such as
/// branch folding).
extern char &GCMachineCodeAnalysisID;
/// Creates a pass to print GC metadata.
FunctionPass *createGCInfoPrinter(raw_ostream &OS);
/// MachineCSE - This pass performs global CSE on machine instructions.
extern char &MachineCSEID;
/// MIRCanonicalizer - This pass canonicalizes MIR by renaming vregs
/// according to the semantics of the instruction as well as hoists
/// code.
extern char &MIRCanonicalizerID;
/// ImplicitNullChecks - This pass folds null pointer checks into nearby
/// memory operations.
extern char &ImplicitNullChecksID;
/// This pass performs loop invariant code motion on machine instructions.
extern char &MachineLICMID;
/// This pass performs loop invariant code motion on machine instructions.
/// This variant works before register allocation. \see MachineLICMID.
extern char &EarlyMachineLICMID;
/// MachineSinking - This pass performs sinking on machine instructions.
extern char &MachineSinkingID;
/// MachineCopyPropagation - This pass performs copy propagation on
/// machine instructions.
extern char &MachineCopyPropagationID;
/// PeepholeOptimizer - This pass performs peephole optimizations -
/// like extension and comparison eliminations.
extern char &PeepholeOptimizerID;
/// OptimizePHIs - This pass optimizes machine instruction PHIs
/// to take advantage of opportunities created during DAG legalization.
extern char &OptimizePHIsID;
/// StackSlotColoring - This pass performs stack slot coloring.
extern char &StackSlotColoringID;
/// This pass lays out funclets contiguously.
extern char &FuncletLayoutID;
/// This pass inserts the XRay instrumentation sleds if they are supported by
/// the target platform.
extern char &XRayInstrumentationID;
/// This pass inserts FEntry calls
extern char &FEntryInserterID;
/// This pass implements the "patchable-function" attribute.
extern char &PatchableFunctionID;
/// createStackProtectorPass - This pass adds stack protectors to functions.
FunctionPass *createStackProtectorPass();
/// createMachineVerifierPass - This pass verifies cenerated machine code
/// instructions for correctness.
FunctionPass *createMachineVerifierPass(const std::string& Banner);
/// createDwarfEHPass - This pass mulches exception handling code into a form
/// adapted to code generation. Required if using dwarf exception handling.
FunctionPass *createDwarfEHPass();
/// createWinEHPass - Prepares personality functions used by MSVC on Windows,
/// in addition to the Itanium LSDA based personalities.
FunctionPass *createWinEHPass(bool DemoteCatchSwitchPHIOnly = false);
/// createSjLjEHPreparePass - This pass adapts exception handling code to use
/// the GCC-style builtin setjmp/longjmp (sjlj) to handling EH control flow.
FunctionPass *createSjLjEHPreparePass();
/// createWasmEHPass - This pass adapts exception handling code to use
/// WebAssembly's exception handling scheme.
FunctionPass *createWasmEHPass();
/// LocalStackSlotAllocation - This pass assigns local frame indices to stack
/// slots relative to one another and allocates base registers to access them
/// when it is estimated by the target to be out of range of normal frame
/// pointer or stack pointer index addressing.
extern char &LocalStackSlotAllocationID;
/// This pass expands pseudo-instructions, reserves registers and adjusts
/// machine frame information.
extern char &FinalizeISelID;
/// UnpackMachineBundles - This pass unpack machine instruction bundles.
extern char &UnpackMachineBundlesID;
FunctionPass *
createUnpackMachineBundles(std::function<bool(const MachineFunction &)> Ftor);
/// FinalizeMachineBundles - This pass finalize machine instruction
/// bundles (created earlier, e.g. during pre-RA scheduling).
extern char &FinalizeMachineBundlesID;
/// StackMapLiveness - This pass analyses the register live-out set of
/// stackmap/patchpoint intrinsics and attaches the calculated information to
/// the intrinsic for later emission to the StackMap.
extern char &StackMapLivenessID;
/// LiveDebugValues pass
extern char &LiveDebugValuesID;
/// createJumpInstrTables - This pass creates jump-instruction tables.
ModulePass *createJumpInstrTablesPass();
/// createForwardControlFlowIntegrityPass - This pass adds control-flow
/// integrity.
ModulePass *createForwardControlFlowIntegrityPass();
/// InterleavedAccess Pass - This pass identifies and matches interleaved
/// memory accesses to target specific intrinsics.
FunctionPass *createInterleavedAccessPass();
/// InterleavedLoadCombines Pass - This pass identifies interleaved loads and
/// combines them into wide loads detectable by InterleavedAccessPass
FunctionPass *createInterleavedLoadCombinePass();
/// LowerEmuTLS - This pass generates __emutls_[vt].xyz variables for all
/// TLS variables for the emulated TLS model.
ModulePass *createLowerEmuTLSPass();
/// This pass lowers the \@llvm.load.relative and \@llvm.objc.* intrinsics to
/// instructions. This is unsafe to do earlier because a pass may combine the
/// constant initializer into the load, which may result in an overflowing
/// evaluation.
ModulePass *createPreISelIntrinsicLoweringPass();
/// GlobalMerge - This pass merges internal (by default) globals into structs
/// to enable reuse of a base pointer by indexed addressing modes.
/// It can also be configured to focus on size optimizations only.
Pass *createGlobalMergePass(const TargetMachine *TM, unsigned MaximalOffset,
bool OnlyOptimizeForSize = false,
bool MergeExternalByDefault = false);
/// This pass splits the stack into a safe stack and an unsafe stack to
/// protect against stack-based overflow vulnerabilities.
FunctionPass *createSafeStackPass();
/// This pass detects subregister lanes in a virtual register that are used
/// independently of other lanes and splits them into separate virtual
/// registers.
extern char &RenameIndependentSubregsID;
/// This pass is executed POST-RA to collect which physical registers are
/// preserved by given machine function.
FunctionPass *createRegUsageInfoCollector();
/// Return a MachineFunction pass that identifies call sites
/// and propagates register usage information of callee to caller
/// if available with PysicalRegisterUsageInfo pass.
FunctionPass *createRegUsageInfoPropPass();
/// This pass performs software pipelining on machine instructions.
extern char &MachinePipelinerID;
/// This pass frees the memory occupied by the MachineFunction.
FunctionPass *createFreeMachineFunctionPass();
/// This pass performs outlining on machine instructions directly before
/// printing assembly.
ModulePass *createMachineOutlinerPass(bool RunOnAllFunctions = true);
/// This pass expands the experimental reduction intrinsics into sequences of
/// shuffles.
FunctionPass *createExpandReductionsPass();
// This pass expands memcmp() to load/stores.
FunctionPass *createExpandMemCmpPass();
/// Creates Break False Dependencies pass. \see BreakFalseDeps.cpp
FunctionPass *createBreakFalseDeps();
// This pass expands indirectbr instructions.
FunctionPass *createIndirectBrExpandPass();
/// Creates CFI Instruction Inserter pass. \see CFIInstrInserter.cpp
FunctionPass *createCFIInstrInserter();
/// Creates CFGuard longjmp target identification pass.
/// \see CFGuardLongjmp.cpp
FunctionPass *createCFGuardLongjmpPass();
/// Create Hardware Loop pass. \see HardwareLoops.cpp
FunctionPass *createHardwareLoopsPass();
/// Create IR Type Promotion pass. \see TypePromotion.cpp
FunctionPass *createTypePromotionPass();
} // End llvm namespace