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//===- subzero/src/IceTranslator.h - ICE to machine code --------*- C++ -*-===//
// The Subzero Code Generator
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file
/// \brief Declares the general driver class for translating ICE to machine
/// code.
#include "IceDefs.h"
#include "IceGlobalContext.h"
#include <memory>
namespace llvm {
class Module;
} // end of namespace llvm
namespace Ice {
class ClFlags;
class Cfg;
class VariableDeclaration;
class GlobalContext;
/// Base class for translating ICE to machine code. Derived classes convert
/// other intermediate representations down to ICE, and then call the
/// appropriate (inherited) methods to convert ICE into machine instructions.
class Translator {
Translator() = delete;
Translator(const Translator &) = delete;
Translator &operator=(const Translator &) = delete;
explicit Translator(GlobalContext *Ctx);
virtual ~Translator() = default;
const ErrorCode &getErrorStatus() const { return ErrorStatus; }
GlobalContext *getContext() const { return Ctx; }
/// Translates the constructed ICE function Func to machine code.
void translateFcn(std::unique_ptr<Cfg> Func);
/// Lowers the given list of global addresses to target. Generates list of
/// corresponding variable declarations.
lowerGlobals(std::unique_ptr<VariableDeclarationList> VariableDeclarations);
/// Creates a name using the given prefix and corresponding index.
std::string createUnnamedName(const std::string &Prefix, SizeT Index);
/// Reports if there is a (potential) conflict between Name, and using Prefix
/// to name unnamed names. Errors are put on Ostream. Returns true if there
/// isn't a potential conflict.
bool checkIfUnnamedNameSafe(const std::string &Name, const char *Kind,
const std::string &Prefix);
uint32_t getNextSequenceNumber() { return NextSequenceNumber++; }
GlobalContext *Ctx;
uint32_t NextSequenceNumber;
/// ErrorCode of the translation.
ErrorCode ErrorStatus;
class CfgOptWorkItem final : public OptWorkItem {
CfgOptWorkItem() = delete;
CfgOptWorkItem(const CfgOptWorkItem &) = delete;
CfgOptWorkItem &operator=(const CfgOptWorkItem &) = delete;
CfgOptWorkItem(std::unique_ptr<Cfg> Func) : Func(std::move(Func)) {}
std::unique_ptr<Cfg> getParsedCfg() override { return std::move(Func); }
~CfgOptWorkItem() override = default;
std::unique_ptr<Ice::Cfg> Func;
} // end of namespace Ice