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// Copyright 2016 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef sw_VertexProcessor_hpp
#define sw_VertexProcessor_hpp
#include "Matrix.hpp"
#include "Context.hpp"
#include "RoutineCache.hpp"
#include "Shader/VertexShader.hpp"
namespace sw
struct DrawData;
struct VertexCache // FIXME: Variable size
void clear();
Vertex vertex[16][4];
unsigned int tag[16];
int drawCall;
struct VertexTask
unsigned int vertexCount;
unsigned int primitiveStart;
VertexCache vertexCache;
class VertexProcessor
struct States : Memset<States>
States() : Memset(this, 0) {}
uint32_t computeHash();
uint64_t shaderID;
bool fixedFunction : 1; // TODO: Eliminate by querying shader.
bool textureSampling : 1; // TODO: Eliminate by querying shader.
unsigned int positionRegister : BITS(MAX_VERTEX_OUTPUTS); // TODO: Eliminate by querying shader.
unsigned int pointSizeRegister : BITS(MAX_VERTEX_OUTPUTS); // TODO: Eliminate by querying shader.
unsigned int vertexBlendMatrixCount : 3;
bool indexedVertexBlendEnable : 1;
bool vertexNormalActive : 1;
bool normalizeNormals : 1;
bool vertexLightingActive : 1;
bool diffuseActive : 1;
bool specularActive : 1;
bool vertexSpecularActive : 1;
unsigned int vertexLightActive : 8;
MaterialSource vertexDiffuseMaterialSourceActive : BITS(MATERIAL_LAST);
MaterialSource vertexSpecularMaterialSourceActive : BITS(MATERIAL_LAST);
MaterialSource vertexAmbientMaterialSourceActive : BITS(MATERIAL_LAST);
MaterialSource vertexEmissiveMaterialSourceActive : BITS(MATERIAL_LAST);
bool fogActive : 1;
FogMode vertexFogMode : BITS(FOG_LAST);
bool rangeFogActive : 1;
bool localViewerActive : 1;
bool pointSizeActive : 1;
bool pointScaleActive : 1;
bool transformFeedbackQueryEnabled : 1;
uint64_t transformFeedbackEnabled : 64;
unsigned char verticesPerPrimitive : 2; // 1 (points), 2 (lines) or 3 (triangles)
bool preTransformed : 1;
bool superSampling : 1;
struct TextureState
TexGen texGenActive : BITS(TEXGEN_LAST);
unsigned char textureTransformCountActive : 3;
unsigned char texCoordIndexActive : 3;
TextureState textureState[8];
Sampler::State sampler[VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS];
struct Input
operator bool() const // Returns true if stream contains data
return count != 0;
StreamType type : BITS(STREAMTYPE_LAST);
unsigned int count : 3;
bool normalized : 1;
unsigned int attribType : BITS(VertexShader::ATTRIBTYPE_LAST);
struct Output
unsigned char write : 4;
unsigned char xWrite : 1;
unsigned char yWrite : 1;
unsigned char zWrite : 1;
unsigned char wWrite : 1;
unsigned char clamp : 4;
unsigned char xClamp : 1;
unsigned char yClamp : 1;
unsigned char zClamp : 1;
unsigned char wClamp : 1;
Output output[MAX_VERTEX_OUTPUTS];
struct State : States
bool operator==(const State &state) const;
uint32_t hash;
struct FixedFunction
float4 transformT[12][4];
float4 cameraTransformT[12][4];
float4 normalTransformT[12][4];
float4 textureTransform[8][4];
float4 lightPosition[8];
float4 lightAmbient[8];
float4 lightSpecular[8];
float4 lightDiffuse[8];
float4 attenuationConstant[8];
float4 attenuationLinear[8];
float4 attenuationQuadratic[8];
float lightRange[8];
float4 materialDiffuse;
float4 materialSpecular;
float materialShininess;
float4 globalAmbient;
float4 materialEmission;
float4 materialAmbient;
struct PointSprite
float4 pointSize;
float pointSizeMin;
float pointSizeMax;
float pointScaleA;
float pointScaleB;
float pointScaleC;
typedef void (*RoutinePointer)(Vertex *output, unsigned int *batch, VertexTask *vertexTask, DrawData *draw);
VertexProcessor(Context *context);
virtual ~VertexProcessor();
void setInputStream(int index, const Stream &stream);
void resetInputStreams(bool preTransformed);
void setFloatConstant(unsigned int index, const float value[4]);
void setIntegerConstant(unsigned int index, const int integer[4]);
void setBooleanConstant(unsigned int index, int boolean);
void setUniformBuffer(int index, sw::Resource* uniformBuffer, int offset);
void lockUniformBuffers(byte** u, sw::Resource* uniformBuffers[]);
void setTransformFeedbackBuffer(int index, sw::Resource* transformFeedbackBuffer, int offset, unsigned int reg, unsigned int row, unsigned int col, unsigned int stride);
void lockTransformFeedbackBuffers(byte** t, unsigned int* v, unsigned int* r, unsigned int* c, unsigned int* s, sw::Resource* transformFeedbackBuffers[]);
// Transformations
void setModelMatrix(const Matrix &M, int i = 0);
void setViewMatrix(const Matrix &V);
void setBaseMatrix(const Matrix &B);
void setProjectionMatrix(const Matrix &P);
// Lighting
void setLightingEnable(bool lightingEnable);
void setLightEnable(unsigned int light, bool lightEnable);
void setSpecularEnable(bool specularEnable);
void setGlobalAmbient(const Color<float> &globalAmbient);
void setLightPosition(unsigned int light, const Point &lightPosition);
void setLightViewPosition(unsigned int light, const Point &lightPosition);
void setLightDiffuse(unsigned int light, const Color<float> &lightDiffuse);
void setLightSpecular(unsigned int light, const Color<float> &lightSpecular);
void setLightAmbient(unsigned int light, const Color<float> &lightAmbient);
void setLightAttenuation(unsigned int light, float constant, float linear, float quadratic);
void setLightRange(unsigned int light, float lightRange);
void setInstanceID(int instanceID);
void setFogEnable(bool fogEnable);
void setVertexFogMode(FogMode fogMode);
void setRangeFogEnable(bool enable);
void setColorVertexEnable(bool colorVertexEnable);
void setDiffuseMaterialSource(MaterialSource diffuseMaterialSource);
void setSpecularMaterialSource(MaterialSource specularMaterialSource);
void setAmbientMaterialSource(MaterialSource ambientMaterialSource);
void setEmissiveMaterialSource(MaterialSource emissiveMaterialSource);
void setMaterialEmission(const Color<float> &emission);
void setMaterialAmbient(const Color<float> &materialAmbient);
void setMaterialDiffuse(const Color<float> &diffuseColor);
void setMaterialSpecular(const Color<float> &specularColor);
void setMaterialShininess(float specularPower);
void setIndexedVertexBlendEnable(bool indexedVertexBlendEnable);
void setVertexBlendMatrixCount(unsigned int vertexBlendMatrixCount);
void setTextureWrap(unsigned int stage, int mask);
void setTexGen(unsigned int stage, TexGen texGen);
void setLocalViewer(bool localViewer);
void setNormalizeNormals(bool normalizeNormals);
void setTextureMatrix(int stage, const Matrix &T);
void setTextureTransform(int stage, int count, bool project);
void setTextureFilter(unsigned int sampler, FilterType textureFilter);
void setMipmapFilter(unsigned int sampler, MipmapType mipmapFilter);
void setGatherEnable(unsigned int sampler, bool enable);
void setAddressingModeU(unsigned int sampler, AddressingMode addressingMode);
void setAddressingModeV(unsigned int sampler, AddressingMode addressingMode);
void setAddressingModeW(unsigned int sampler, AddressingMode addressingMode);
void setReadSRGB(unsigned int sampler, bool sRGB);
void setMipmapLOD(unsigned int sampler, float bias);
void setBorderColor(unsigned int sampler, const Color<float> &borderColor);
void setMaxAnisotropy(unsigned int stage, float maxAnisotropy);
void setHighPrecisionFiltering(unsigned int sampler, bool highPrecisionFiltering);
void setSwizzleR(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleR);
void setSwizzleG(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleG);
void setSwizzleB(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleB);
void setSwizzleA(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleA);
void setCompareFunc(unsigned int sampler, CompareFunc compare);
void setBaseLevel(unsigned int sampler, int baseLevel);
void setMaxLevel(unsigned int sampler, int maxLevel);
void setMinLod(unsigned int sampler, float minLod);
void setMaxLod(unsigned int sampler, float maxLod);
void setSyncRequired(unsigned int sampler, bool isSincRequired);
void setPointSize(float pointSize);
void setPointSizeMin(float pointSizeMin);
void setPointSizeMax(float pointSizeMax);
void setPointScaleA(float pointScaleA);
void setPointScaleB(float pointScaleB);
void setPointScaleC(float pointScaleC);
void setTransformFeedbackQueryEnabled(bool enable);
void enableTransformFeedback(uint64_t enable);
const Matrix &getModelTransform(int i);
const Matrix &getViewTransform();
const State update(DrawType drawType);
std::shared_ptr<Routine> routine(const State &state);
bool isFixedFunction();
void setRoutineCacheSize(int cacheSize);
// Shader constants
float4 c[VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS + 1]; // One extra for indices out of range, c[VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS] = {0, 0, 0, 0}
int4 i[16];
bool b[16];
PointSprite point;
FixedFunction ff;
struct UniformBufferInfo
Resource* buffer;
int offset;
UniformBufferInfo uniformBufferInfo[MAX_UNIFORM_BUFFER_BINDINGS];
struct TransformFeedbackInfo
Resource* buffer;
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int reg;
unsigned int row;
unsigned int col;
unsigned int stride;
void updateTransform();
void setTransform(const Matrix &M, int i);
void setCameraTransform(const Matrix &M, int i);
void setNormalTransform(const Matrix &M, int i);
Context *const context;
RoutineCache<State> *routineCache;
Matrix M[12]; // Model/Geometry/World matrix
Matrix V; // View/Camera/Eye matrix
Matrix B; // Base matrix
Matrix P; // Projection matrix
Matrix PB; // P * B
Matrix PBV; // P * B * V
Matrix PBVM[12]; // P * B * V * M
// Update hierarchy
bool updateMatrix;
bool updateModelMatrix[12];
bool updateViewMatrix;
bool updateBaseMatrix;
bool updateProjectionMatrix;
bool updateLighting;
#endif // sw_VertexProcessor_hpp