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// Copyright 2016 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef sw_Constants_hpp
#define sw_Constants_hpp
#include "System/Math.hpp"
#include "System/Types.hpp"
#include "Vulkan/VkConfig.hpp"
namespace sw {
struct Constants
unsigned int transposeBit0[16];
unsigned int transposeBit1[16];
unsigned int transposeBit2[16];
ushort4 cWeight[17];
float4 uvWeight[17];
float4 uvStart[17];
unsigned int occlusionCount[16];
byte8 maskB4Q[16];
byte8 invMaskB4Q[16];
word4 maskW4Q[16];
word4 invMaskW4Q[16];
dword4 maskD4X[16];
dword4 invMaskD4X[16];
qword maskQ0Q[16];
qword maskQ1Q[16];
qword maskQ2Q[16];
qword maskQ3Q[16];
qword invMaskQ0Q[16];
qword invMaskQ1Q[16];
qword invMaskQ2Q[16];
qword invMaskQ3Q[16];
dword4 maskX0X[16];
dword4 maskX1X[16];
dword4 maskX2X[16];
dword4 maskX3X[16];
dword4 invMaskX0X[16];
dword4 invMaskX1X[16];
dword4 invMaskX2X[16];
dword4 invMaskX3X[16];
dword2 maskD01Q[16];
dword2 maskD23Q[16];
dword2 invMaskD01Q[16];
dword2 invMaskD23Q[16];
qword2 maskQ01X[16];
qword2 maskQ23X[16];
qword2 invMaskQ01X[16];
qword2 invMaskQ23X[16];
word4 maskW01Q[4];
dword4 maskD01X[4];
word4 mask565Q[8];
dword2 mask10Q[16]; // 4 bit writemask -> A2B10G10R10 bit patterns, replicated 2x
word4 mask5551Q[16]; // 4 bit writemask -> A1R5G5B5 bit patterns, replicated 4x
dword4 mask11X[8]; // 3 bit writemask -> B10G11R11 bit patterns, replicated 4x
unsigned short sRGBtoLinearFF_FF00[256];
unsigned short linearToSRGB12_16[4096];
unsigned short sRGBtoLinear12_16[4096];
// Centroid parameters
float4 sampleX[4][16];
float4 sampleY[4][16];
float4 weight[16];
// Fragment offsets
int Xf[4];
int Yf[4];
float4 X[4];
float4 Y[4];
static constexpr float VkSampleLocations4[][2] = {
{ 0.375, 0.125 },
{ 0.875, 0.375 },
{ 0.125, 0.625 },
{ 0.625, 0.875 },
// Vulkan spec sample positions are relative to 0,0 in top left corner, with Y+ going down.
// Convert to our space, with 0,0 in center, and Y+ going up.
static constexpr float SampleLocationsX[4] = {
VkSampleLocations4[0][0] - 0.5f,
VkSampleLocations4[1][0] - 0.5f,
VkSampleLocations4[2][0] - 0.5f,
VkSampleLocations4[3][0] - 0.5f,
static constexpr float SampleLocationsY[4] = {
VkSampleLocations4[0][1] - 0.5f,
VkSampleLocations4[1][1] - 0.5f,
VkSampleLocations4[2][1] - 0.5f,
VkSampleLocations4[3][1] - 0.5f,
// Compute the yMin and yMax multisample offsets so that they are just
// large enough (+/- max range - epsilon) to include sample points
static constexpr int yMinMultiSampleOffset = sw::toFixedPoint(1, vk::SUBPIXEL_PRECISION_BITS) - sw::toFixedPoint(sw::max(SampleLocationsY[0], SampleLocationsY[1], SampleLocationsY[2], SampleLocationsY[3]), vk::SUBPIXEL_PRECISION_BITS) - 1;
static constexpr int yMaxMultiSampleOffset = sw::toFixedPoint(1, vk::SUBPIXEL_PRECISION_BITS) + sw::toFixedPoint(sw::max(SampleLocationsY[0], SampleLocationsY[1], SampleLocationsY[2], SampleLocationsY[3]), vk::SUBPIXEL_PRECISION_BITS) - 1;
dword maxX[16];
dword maxY[16];
dword maxZ[16];
dword minX[16];
dword minY[16];
dword minZ[16];
dword fini[16];
dword4 maxPos;
float4 unscaleByte;
float4 unscaleSByte;
float4 unscaleShort;
float4 unscaleUShort;
float4 unscaleInt;
float4 unscaleUInt;
float4 unscaleFixed;
float half2float[65536];
extern Constants constants;
} // namespace sw
#endif // sw_Constants_hpp