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// Copyright 2016 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef sw_Renderer_hpp
#define sw_Renderer_hpp
#include "Blitter.hpp"
#include "PixelProcessor.hpp"
#include "Primitive.hpp"
#include "SetupProcessor.hpp"
#include "VertexProcessor.hpp"
#include "Device/Config.hpp"
#include "Vulkan/VkDescriptorSet.hpp"
#include "marl/finally.h"
#include "marl/pool.h"
#include "marl/ticket.h"
#include <atomic>
#include <list>
#include <mutex>
#include <thread>
namespace vk {
class DescriptorSet;
class Device;
class Query;
} // namespace vk
namespace sw {
struct DrawCall;
class PixelShader;
class VertexShader;
struct Task;
class TaskEvents;
class Resource;
struct Constants;
static constexpr int MaxBatchSize = 128;
static constexpr int MaxBatchCount = 16;
static constexpr int MaxClusterCount = 16;
static constexpr int MaxDrawCount = 16;
using TriangleBatch = std::array<Triangle, MaxBatchSize>;
using PrimitiveBatch = std::array<Primitive, MaxBatchSize>;
struct DrawData
const Constants *constants;
vk::DescriptorSet::Bindings descriptorSets = {};
vk::DescriptorSet::DynamicOffsets descriptorDynamicOffsets = {};
const void *input[MAX_INTERFACE_COMPONENTS / 4];
unsigned int robustnessSize[MAX_INTERFACE_COMPONENTS / 4];
unsigned int stride[MAX_INTERFACE_COMPONENTS / 4];
const void *indices;
int instanceID;
int baseVertex;
float lineWidth;
int viewID;
PixelProcessor::Stencil stencil[2]; // clockwise, counterclockwise
PixelProcessor::Factor factor;
unsigned int occlusion[MaxClusterCount]; // Number of pixels passing depth test
float4 WxF;
float4 HxF;
float4 X0xF;
float4 Y0xF;
float4 halfPixelX;
float4 halfPixelY;
float viewportHeight;
float slopeDepthBias;
float depthRange;
float depthNear;
unsigned int *colorBuffer[RENDERTARGETS];
int colorPitchB[RENDERTARGETS];
int colorSliceB[RENDERTARGETS];
float *depthBuffer;
int depthPitchB;
int depthSliceB;
unsigned char *stencilBuffer;
int stencilPitchB;
int stencilSliceB;
int scissorX0;
int scissorX1;
int scissorY0;
int scissorY1;
float4 a2c0;
float4 a2c1;
float4 a2c2;
float4 a2c3;
PushConstantStorage pushConstants;
struct DrawCall
struct BatchData
using Pool = marl::BoundedPool<BatchData, MaxBatchCount, marl::PoolPolicy::Preserve>;
TriangleBatch triangles;
PrimitiveBatch primitives;
VertexTask vertexTask;
unsigned int id;
unsigned int firstPrimitive;
unsigned int numPrimitives;
int numVisible;
marl::Ticket clusterTickets[MaxClusterCount];
using Pool = marl::BoundedPool<DrawCall, MaxDrawCount, marl::PoolPolicy::Preserve>;
using SetupFunction = int (*)(Triangle *triangles, Primitive *primitives, const DrawCall *drawCall, int count);
static void run(const marl::Loan<DrawCall> &draw, marl::Ticket::Queue *tickets, marl::Ticket::Queue clusterQueues[MaxClusterCount]);
static void processVertices(DrawCall *draw, BatchData *batch);
static void processPrimitives(DrawCall *draw, BatchData *batch);
static void processPixels(const marl::Loan<DrawCall> &draw, const marl::Loan<BatchData> &batch, const std::shared_ptr<marl::Finally> &finally);
void setup();
void teardown();
int id;
BatchData::Pool *batchDataPool;
unsigned int numPrimitives;
unsigned int numPrimitivesPerBatch;
unsigned int numBatches;
VkPrimitiveTopology topology;
VkProvokingVertexModeEXT provokingVertexMode;
VkIndexType indexType;
VkLineRasterizationModeEXT lineRasterizationMode;
VertexProcessor::RoutineType vertexRoutine;
SetupProcessor::RoutineType setupRoutine;
PixelProcessor::RoutineType pixelRoutine;
SetupFunction setupPrimitives;
SetupProcessor::State setupState;
vk::ImageView *renderTarget[RENDERTARGETS];
vk::ImageView *depthBuffer;
vk::ImageView *stencilBuffer;
TaskEvents *events;
vk::Query *occlusionQuery;
DrawData *data;
static void processPrimitiveVertices(
unsigned int triangleIndicesOut[MaxBatchSize + 1][3],
const void *primitiveIndices,
VkIndexType indexType,
unsigned int start,
unsigned int triangleCount,
VkPrimitiveTopology topology,
VkProvokingVertexModeEXT provokingVertexMode);
static int setupSolidTriangles(Triangle *triangles, Primitive *primitives, const DrawCall *drawCall, int count);
static int setupWireframeTriangles(Triangle *triangles, Primitive *primitives, const DrawCall *drawCall, int count);
static int setupPointTriangles(Triangle *triangles, Primitive *primitives, const DrawCall *drawCall, int count);
static int setupLines(Triangle *triangles, Primitive *primitives, const DrawCall *drawCall, int count);
static int setupPoints(Triangle *triangles, Primitive *primitives, const DrawCall *drawCall, int count);
static bool setupLine(Primitive &primitive, Triangle &triangle, const DrawCall &draw);
static bool setupPoint(Primitive &primitive, Triangle &triangle, const DrawCall &draw);
class alignas(16) Renderer
Renderer(vk::Device *device);
virtual ~Renderer();
void *operator new(size_t size);
void operator delete(void *mem);
bool hasOcclusionQuery() const { return occlusionQuery != nullptr; }
void draw(const sw::Context *context, VkIndexType indexType, unsigned int count, int baseVertex,
TaskEvents *events, int instanceID, int viewID, void *indexBuffer, const VkExtent3D &framebufferExtent,
PushConstantStorage const &pushConstants, bool update = true);
// Viewport & Clipper
void setViewport(const VkViewport &viewport);
void setScissor(const VkRect2D &scissor);
void setBlendConstant(const float4 &blendConstant);
void addQuery(vk::Query *query);
void removeQuery(vk::Query *query);
void advanceInstanceAttributes(Stream *inputs);
void synchronize();
VkViewport viewport;
VkRect2D scissor;
DrawCall::Pool drawCallPool;
DrawCall::BatchData::Pool batchDataPool;
std::atomic<int> nextDrawID = { 0 };
vk::Query *occlusionQuery = nullptr;
marl::Ticket::Queue drawTickets;
marl::Ticket::Queue clusterQueues[MaxClusterCount];
VertexProcessor vertexProcessor;
PixelProcessor pixelProcessor;
SetupProcessor setupProcessor;
VertexProcessor::State vertexState;
SetupProcessor::State setupState;
PixelProcessor::State pixelState;
VertexProcessor::RoutineType vertexRoutine;
SetupProcessor::RoutineType setupRoutine;
PixelProcessor::RoutineType pixelRoutine;
vk::Device *device;
} // namespace sw
#endif // sw_Renderer_hpp