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// Copyright 2021 The Marl Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#if defined(__riscv) && __riscv_xlen == 64
#define MARL_BUILD_ASM 1
#include "osfiber_asm_rv64.h"
// void marl_fiber_swap(marl_fiber_context* from, const marl_fiber_context* to)
// a0: from
// a1: to
.global marl_fiber_swap
.align 4
// Save context 'from'
// Store callee-preserved registers
sd s0, MARL_REG_s0(a0)
sd s1, MARL_REG_s1(a0)
sd s2, MARL_REG_s2(a0)
sd s3, MARL_REG_s3(a0)
sd s4, MARL_REG_s4(a0)
sd s5, MARL_REG_s5(a0)
sd s6, MARL_REG_s6(a0)
sd s7, MARL_REG_s7(a0)
sd s8, MARL_REG_s8(a0)
sd s9, MARL_REG_s9(a0)
sd s10, MARL_REG_s10(a0)
sd s11, MARL_REG_s11(a0)
fsd fs0, MARL_REG_fs0(a0)
fsd fs1, MARL_REG_fs1(a0)
fsd fs2, MARL_REG_fs2(a0)
fsd fs3, MARL_REG_fs3(a0)
fsd fs4, MARL_REG_fs4(a0)
fsd fs5, MARL_REG_fs5(a0)
fsd fs6, MARL_REG_fs6(a0)
fsd fs7, MARL_REG_fs7(a0)
fsd fs8, MARL_REG_fs8(a0)
fsd fs9, MARL_REG_fs9(a0)
fsd fs10, MARL_REG_fs10(a0)
fsd fs11, MARL_REG_fs11(a0)
sd sp, MARL_REG_sp(a0)
// On RISC-V ra is caller-saved
// but we need ra to jump to the trampoline
sd ra, MARL_REG_ra(a0)
move t0, a1 // Store a1 in temporary register
// Recover callee-preserved registers
ld s0, MARL_REG_s0(t0)
ld s1, MARL_REG_s1(t0)
ld s2, MARL_REG_s2(t0)
ld s3, MARL_REG_s3(t0)
ld s4, MARL_REG_s4(t0)
ld s5, MARL_REG_s5(t0)
ld s6, MARL_REG_s6(t0)
ld s7, MARL_REG_s7(t0)
ld s8, MARL_REG_s8(t0)
ld s9, MARL_REG_s9(t0)
ld s10, MARL_REG_s10(t0)
ld s11, MARL_REG_s11(t0)
fld fs0, MARL_REG_fs0(t0)
fld fs1, MARL_REG_fs1(t0)
fld fs2, MARL_REG_fs2(t0)
fld fs3, MARL_REG_fs3(t0)
fld fs4, MARL_REG_fs4(t0)
fld fs5, MARL_REG_fs5(t0)
fld fs6, MARL_REG_fs6(t0)
fld fs7, MARL_REG_fs7(t0)
fld fs8, MARL_REG_fs8(t0)
fld fs9, MARL_REG_fs9(t0)
fld fs10, MARL_REG_fs10(t0)
fld fs11, MARL_REG_fs11(t0)
ld sp, MARL_REG_sp(t0)
ld ra, MARL_REG_ra(t0)
// Recover arguments
ld a0, MARL_REG_a0(t0)
ld a1, MARL_REG_a1(t0)
jr ra // Jump to the trampoline
#endif // defined(__riscv) && __riscv_xlen == 64