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// Copyright 2016 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef sw_PixelRoutine_hpp
#define sw_PixelRoutine_hpp
#include "Renderer/QuadRasterizer.hpp"
namespace sw
class PixelShader;
class SamplerCore;
class PixelRoutine : public sw::QuadRasterizer, public ShaderCore
PixelRoutine(const PixelProcessor::State &state, const PixelShader *shader);
virtual ~PixelRoutine();
Float4 z[4]; // Multisampled z
Float4 w; // Used as is
Float4 rhw; // Reciprocal w
RegisterArray<MAX_FRAGMENT_INPUTS> v; // Varying registers
// Depth output
Float4 oDepth;
typedef Shader::SourceParameter Src;
typedef Shader::DestinationParameter Dst;
virtual void setBuiltins(Int &x, Int &y, Float4(&z)[4], Float4 &w) = 0;
virtual void applyShader(Int cMask[4]) = 0;
virtual Bool alphaTest(Int cMask[4]) = 0;
virtual void rasterOperation(Float4 &fog, Pointer<Byte> cBuffer[4], Int &x, Int sMask[4], Int zMask[4], Int cMask[4]) = 0;
virtual void quad(Pointer<Byte> cBuffer[4], Pointer<Byte> &zBuffer, Pointer<Byte> &sBuffer, Int cMask[4], Int &x);
void alphaTest(Int &aMask, Short4 &alpha);
void alphaToCoverage(Int cMask[4], Float4 &alpha);
void fogBlend(Vector4f &c0, Float4 &fog);
void pixelFog(Float4 &visibility);
// Raster operations
void alphaBlend(int index, Pointer<Byte> &cBuffer, Vector4s &current, Int &x);
void logicOperation(int index, Pointer<Byte> &cBuffer, Vector4s &current, Int &x);
void writeColor(int index, Pointer<Byte> &cBuffer, Int &i, Vector4s &current, Int &sMask, Int &zMask, Int &cMask);
void alphaBlend(int index, Pointer<Byte> &cBuffer, Vector4f &oC, Int &x);
void writeColor(int index, Pointer<Byte> &cBuffer, Int &i, Vector4f &oC, Int &sMask, Int &zMask, Int &cMask);
bool isSRGB(int index) const;
UShort4 convertFixed16(Float4 &cf, bool saturate = true);
void linearToSRGB12_16(Vector4s &c);
Float4 interpolateCentroid(Float4 &x, Float4 &y, Float4 &rhw, Pointer<Byte> planeEquation, bool flat, bool perspective);
void stencilTest(Pointer<Byte> &sBuffer, int q, Int &x, Int &sMask, Int &cMask);
void stencilTest(Byte8 &value, StencilCompareMode stencilCompareMode, bool CCW);
void stencilOperation(Byte8 &newValue, Byte8 &bufferValue, StencilOperation stencilPassOperation, StencilOperation stencilZFailOperation, StencilOperation stencilFailOperation, bool CCW, Int &zMask, Int &sMask);
void stencilOperation(Byte8 &output, Byte8 &bufferValue, StencilOperation operation, bool CCW);
Bool depthTest(Pointer<Byte> &zBuffer, int q, Int &x, Float4 &z, Int &sMask, Int &zMask, Int &cMask);
// Raster operations
void blendFactor(Vector4s &blendFactor, const Vector4s &current, const Vector4s &pixel, BlendFactor blendFactorActive);
void blendFactorAlpha(Vector4s &blendFactor, const Vector4s &current, const Vector4s &pixel, BlendFactor blendFactorAlphaActive);
void readPixel(int index, Pointer<Byte> &cBuffer, Int &x, Vector4s &pixel);
void blendFactor(Vector4f &blendFactor, const Vector4f &oC, const Vector4f &pixel, BlendFactor blendFactorActive);
void blendFactorAlpha(Vector4f &blendFactor, const Vector4f &oC, const Vector4f &pixel, BlendFactor blendFactorAlphaActive);
void writeStencil(Pointer<Byte> &sBuffer, int q, Int &x, Int &sMask, Int &zMask, Int &cMask);
void writeDepth(Pointer<Byte> &zBuffer, int q, Int &x, Float4 &z, Int &zMask);
void sRGBtoLinear16_12_16(Vector4s &c);
void linearToSRGB16_12_16(Vector4s &c);
Float4 sRGBtoLinear(const Float4 &x);
bool colorUsed();
#endif // sw_PixelRoutine_hpp