Silence warning for MacOS

MacOS tests have been spamming a lot of lines of this warning from
SwiftShader, sometimes hiding the actual cause of an issue:

../../third_party/swiftshader/src/Vulkan/VkDeviceMemory.cpp:235 WARNING: VkMemoryAllocateInfo->pNext sType = 1000178000

This CL properly silences this warning.

Bug: chromium:1185611
Change-Id: Ic9c84c0d57dc142904626bbb3c8a0af5c3cff40d
Presubmit-Ready: Alexis Hétu <>
Kokoro-Result: kokoro <>
Reviewed-by: Antonio Maiorano <>
Tested-by: Alexis Hétu <>
Commit-Queue: Alexis Hétu <>
diff --git a/src/Vulkan/VkDeviceMemory.cpp b/src/Vulkan/VkDeviceMemory.cpp
index 76cfe20..42a4664 100644
--- a/src/Vulkan/VkDeviceMemory.cpp
+++ b/src/Vulkan/VkDeviceMemory.cpp
@@ -231,6 +231,10 @@
 				// "If the pNext chain includes a VkMemoryDedicatedAllocateInfo structure, then that structure
 				//  includes a handle of the sole buffer or image resource that the memory *can* be bound to."
+				// This will be handled at a later point within vk::findTraits() by
+				// ExternalMemoryHost::AllocateInfo()
+				break;
 				WARN("VkMemoryAllocateInfo->pNext sType = %s", vk::Stringify(createInfo->sType).c_str());