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//===- - Defines RISCV intrinsics -------*- tablegen -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines all of the RISCV-specific intrinsics.
// Atomics
// Atomic Intrinsics have multiple versions for different access widths, which
// all follow one of the following signatures (depending on how many arguments
// they require). We carefully instantiate only specific versions of these for
// specific integer widths, rather than using `llvm_anyint_ty`.
// In fact, as these intrinsics take `llvm_anyptr_ty`, the given names are the
// canonical names, and the intrinsics used in the code will have a name
// suffixed with the pointer type they are specialised for (denoted `<p>` in the
// names below), in order to avoid type conflicts.
let TargetPrefix = "riscv" in {
// T @llvm.<name>.T.<p>(any*, T, T, T imm);
class MaskedAtomicRMWFourArg<LLVMType itype>
: Intrinsic<[itype], [llvm_anyptr_ty, itype, itype, itype],
[IntrArgMemOnly, NoCapture<0>, ImmArg<3>]>;
// T @llvm.<name>.T.<p>(any*, T, T, T, T imm);
class MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArg<LLVMType itype>
: Intrinsic<[itype], [llvm_anyptr_ty, itype, itype, itype, itype],
[IntrArgMemOnly, NoCapture<0>, ImmArg<4>]>;
// We define 32-bit and 64-bit variants of the above, where T stands for i32
// or i64 respectively:
multiclass MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics {
// i32 @llvm.<name>.i32.<p>(any*, i32, i32, i32 imm);
def _i32 : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArg<llvm_i32_ty>;
// i64 @llvm.<name>.i32.<p>(any*, i64, i64, i64 imm);
def _i64 : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArg<llvm_i64_ty>;
multiclass MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArgIntrinsics {
// i32 @llvm.<name>.i32.<p>(any*, i32, i32, i32, i32 imm);
def _i32 : MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArg<llvm_i32_ty>;
// i64 @llvm.<name>.i64.<p>(any*, i64, i64, i64, i64 imm);
def _i64 : MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArg<llvm_i64_ty>;
// @llvm.riscv.masked.atomicrmw.*.{i32,i64}.<p>(...)
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_xchg : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics;
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_add : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics;
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_sub : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics;
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_nand : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics;
// Signed min and max need an extra operand to do sign extension with.
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_max : MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArgIntrinsics;
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_min : MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArgIntrinsics;
// Unsigned min and max don't need the extra operand.
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_umax : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics;
defm int_riscv_masked_atomicrmw_umin : MaskedAtomicRMWFourArgIntrinsics;
// @llvm.riscv.masked.cmpxchg.{i32,i64}.<p>(...)
defm int_riscv_masked_cmpxchg : MaskedAtomicRMWFiveArgIntrinsics;
} // TargetPrefix = "riscv"