Diff tests

This directory contains files used to ensure correctness of the spirv-diff implementation. The generate_tests.py script takes name_src.spvasm and name_dst.spvasm (for each name) and produces unit test files in the form of name_autogen.cpp.

The unit test files test the diff between the src and dst inputs, as well as between debug-stripped versions of those. Additionally, based on the {variant}_TESTS lists defined in generate_tests.py, extra unit tests are added to exercise different options of spirv-diff.

New tests are added simply by placing a new name_src.spvasm and name_dst.spvasm pair in this directory and running generate_tests.py. Note that this script needs the path to the spirv-diff executable that is built.

The generate_tests.py script additionally expects name_src.spvasm to include a heading where the purpose of the test is explained. This heading is parsed as a block of lines starting with ;; at the top of the file.