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// Copyright 2016 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef sw_PixelProcessor_hpp
#define sw_PixelProcessor_hpp
#include "Context.hpp"
#include "RoutineCache.hpp"
namespace sw
class PixelShader;
class Rasterizer;
struct Texture;
struct DrawData;
class PixelProcessor
struct States : Memset<States>
States() : Memset(this, 0) {}
uint32_t computeHash();
int shaderID;
bool depthOverride : 1; // TODO: Eliminate by querying shader.
bool shaderContainsKill : 1; // TODO: Eliminate by querying shader.
DepthCompareMode depthCompareMode : BITS(DEPTH_LAST);
AlphaCompareMode alphaCompareMode : BITS(ALPHA_LAST);
bool depthWriteEnable : 1;
bool quadLayoutDepthBuffer : 1;
bool stencilActive : 1;
StencilCompareMode stencilCompareMode : BITS(STENCIL_LAST);
StencilOperation stencilFailOperation : BITS(OPERATION_LAST);
StencilOperation stencilPassOperation : BITS(OPERATION_LAST);
StencilOperation stencilZFailOperation : BITS(OPERATION_LAST);
bool noStencilMask : 1;
bool noStencilWriteMask : 1;
bool stencilWriteMasked : 1;
bool twoSidedStencil : 1;
StencilCompareMode stencilCompareModeCCW : BITS(STENCIL_LAST);
StencilOperation stencilFailOperationCCW : BITS(OPERATION_LAST);
StencilOperation stencilPassOperationCCW : BITS(OPERATION_LAST);
StencilOperation stencilZFailOperationCCW : BITS(OPERATION_LAST);
bool noStencilMaskCCW : 1;
bool noStencilWriteMaskCCW : 1;
bool stencilWriteMaskedCCW : 1;
bool depthTestActive : 1;
bool depthBoundsTestActive : 1;
bool fogActive : 1;
FogMode pixelFogMode : BITS(FOG_LAST);
bool specularAdd : 1;
bool occlusionEnabled : 1;
bool wBasedFog : 1;
bool perspective : 1;
bool depthClamp : 1;
bool alphaBlendActive : 1;
BlendFactor sourceBlendFactor : BITS(BLEND_LAST);
BlendFactor destBlendFactor : BITS(BLEND_LAST);
BlendOperation blendOperation : BITS(BLENDOP_LAST);
BlendFactor sourceBlendFactorAlpha : BITS(BLEND_LAST);
BlendFactor destBlendFactorAlpha : BITS(BLEND_LAST);
BlendOperation blendOperationAlpha : BITS(BLENDOP_LAST);
unsigned int colorWriteMask : RENDERTARGETS * 4; // Four component bit masks
Format targetFormat[RENDERTARGETS];
bool writeSRGB : 1;
unsigned int multiSample : 3;
unsigned int multiSampleMask : 4;
TransparencyAntialiasing transparencyAntialiasing : BITS(TRANSPARENCY_LAST);
bool centroid : 1;
bool frontFaceCCW : 1;
LogicalOperation logicalOperation : BITS(LOGICALOP_LAST);
Sampler::State sampler[TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS];
TextureStage::State textureStage[8];
struct Interpolant
unsigned char component : 4;
unsigned char flat : 4;
unsigned char project : 2;
bool centroid : 1;
Interpolant color[2];
Interpolant texture[8];
Interpolant fog;
Interpolant interpolant[MAX_FRAGMENT_INPUTS];
struct State : States
bool operator==(const State &state) const;
int colorWriteActive(int index) const
return (colorWriteMask >> (index * 4)) & 0xF;
bool alphaTestActive() const
return (alphaCompareMode != ALPHA_ALWAYS) || (transparencyAntialiasing != TRANSPARENCY_NONE);
bool pixelFogActive() const
return pixelFogMode != FOG_NONE;
uint32_t hash;
struct Stencil
int64_t testMaskQ;
int64_t referenceMaskedQ;
int64_t referenceMaskedSignedQ;
int64_t writeMaskQ;
int64_t invWriteMaskQ;
int64_t referenceQ;
void set(int reference, int testMask, int writeMask)
referenceQ = replicate(reference);
testMaskQ = replicate(testMask);
writeMaskQ = replicate(writeMask);
invWriteMaskQ = ~writeMaskQ;
referenceMaskedQ = referenceQ & testMaskQ;
referenceMaskedSignedQ = replicate(((reference & testMask) + 0x80) & 0xFF);
static int64_t replicate(int b)
int64_t w = b & 0xFF;
return (w << 0) | (w << 8) | (w << 16) | (w << 24) | (w << 32) | (w << 40) | (w << 48) | (w << 56);
struct Fog
float4 scale;
float4 offset;
word4 color4[3];
float4 colorF[3];
float4 densityE;
float4 density2E;
struct Factor
word4 textureFactor4[4];
word4 alphaReference4;
word4 blendConstant4W[4];
float4 blendConstant4F[4];
word4 invBlendConstant4W[4];
float4 invBlendConstant4F[4];
typedef void (*RoutinePointer)(const Primitive *primitive, int count, int thread, DrawData *draw);
PixelProcessor(Context *context);
virtual ~PixelProcessor();
void *operator new(size_t size);
void operator delete(void *mem);
void setFloatConstant(unsigned int index, const float value[4]);
void setIntegerConstant(unsigned int index, const int value[4]);
void setBooleanConstant(unsigned int index, int boolean);
void setUniformBuffer(int index, sw::Resource* buffer, int offset);
void lockUniformBuffers(byte** u, sw::Resource* uniformBuffers[]);
void setRenderTarget(int index, Surface *renderTarget, unsigned int layer = 0);
void setDepthBuffer(Surface *depthBuffer, unsigned int layer = 0);
void setStencilBuffer(Surface *stencilBuffer, unsigned int layer = 0);
void setTexCoordIndex(unsigned int stage, int texCoordIndex);
void setStageOperation(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::StageOperation stageOperation);
void setFirstArgument(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::SourceArgument firstArgument);
void setSecondArgument(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::SourceArgument secondArgument);
void setThirdArgument(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::SourceArgument thirdArgument);
void setStageOperationAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::StageOperation stageOperationAlpha);
void setFirstArgumentAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::SourceArgument firstArgumentAlpha);
void setSecondArgumentAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::SourceArgument secondArgumentAlpha);
void setThirdArgumentAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::SourceArgument thirdArgumentAlpha);
void setFirstModifier(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::ArgumentModifier firstModifier);
void setSecondModifier(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::ArgumentModifier secondModifier);
void setThirdModifier(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::ArgumentModifier thirdModifier);
void setFirstModifierAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::ArgumentModifier firstModifierAlpha);
void setSecondModifierAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::ArgumentModifier secondModifierAlpha);
void setThirdModifierAlpha(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::ArgumentModifier thirdModifierAlpha);
void setDestinationArgument(unsigned int stage, TextureStage::DestinationArgument destinationArgument);
void setConstantColor(unsigned int stage, const Color<float> &constantColor);
void setBumpmapMatrix(unsigned int stage, int element, float value);
void setLuminanceScale(unsigned int stage, float value);
void setLuminanceOffset(unsigned int stage, float value);
void setTextureFilter(unsigned int sampler, FilterType textureFilter);
void setMipmapFilter(unsigned int sampler, MipmapType mipmapFilter);
void setGatherEnable(unsigned int sampler, bool enable);
void setAddressingModeU(unsigned int sampler, AddressingMode addressingMode);
void setAddressingModeV(unsigned int sampler, AddressingMode addressingMode);
void setAddressingModeW(unsigned int sampler, AddressingMode addressingMode);
void setReadSRGB(unsigned int sampler, bool sRGB);
void setMipmapLOD(unsigned int sampler, float bias);
void setBorderColor(unsigned int sampler, const Color<float> &borderColor);
void setMaxAnisotropy(unsigned int sampler, float maxAnisotropy);
void setHighPrecisionFiltering(unsigned int sampler, bool highPrecisionFiltering);
void setSwizzleR(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleR);
void setSwizzleG(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleG);
void setSwizzleB(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleB);
void setSwizzleA(unsigned int sampler, SwizzleType swizzleA);
void setCompareFunc(unsigned int sampler, CompareFunc compare);
void setBaseLevel(unsigned int sampler, int baseLevel);
void setMaxLevel(unsigned int sampler, int maxLevel);
void setMinLod(unsigned int sampler, float minLod);
void setMaxLod(unsigned int sampler, float maxLod);
void setSyncRequired(unsigned int sampler, bool isSincRequired);
void setWriteSRGB(bool sRGB);
void setDepthBufferEnable(bool depthBufferEnable);
void setDepthCompare(DepthCompareMode depthCompareMode);
void setAlphaCompare(AlphaCompareMode alphaCompareMode);
void setDepthWriteEnable(bool depthWriteEnable);
void setAlphaTestEnable(bool alphaTestEnable);
void setCullMode(CullMode cullMode, bool frontFacingCCW);
void setColorWriteMask(int index, int rgbaMask);
void setColorLogicOpEnabled(bool colorLogicOpEnabled);
void setLogicalOperation(LogicalOperation logicalOperation);
void setStencilEnable(bool stencilEnable);
void setStencilCompare(StencilCompareMode stencilCompareMode);
void setStencilReference(int stencilReference);
void setStencilMask(int stencilMask);
void setStencilFailOperation(StencilOperation stencilFailOperation);
void setStencilPassOperation(StencilOperation stencilPassOperation);
void setStencilZFailOperation(StencilOperation stencilZFailOperation);
void setStencilWriteMask(int stencilWriteMask);
void setTwoSidedStencil(bool enable);
void setStencilCompareCCW(StencilCompareMode stencilCompareMode);
void setStencilReferenceCCW(int stencilReference);
void setStencilMaskCCW(int stencilMask);
void setStencilFailOperationCCW(StencilOperation stencilFailOperation);
void setStencilPassOperationCCW(StencilOperation stencilPassOperation);
void setStencilZFailOperationCCW(StencilOperation stencilZFailOperation);
void setStencilWriteMaskCCW(int stencilWriteMask);
void setTextureFactor(const Color<float> &textureFactor);
void setBlendConstant(const Color<float> &blendConstant);
void setFillMode(FillMode fillMode);
void setShadingMode(ShadingMode shadingMode);
void setAlphaBlendEnable(bool alphaBlendEnable);
void setSourceBlendFactor(BlendFactor sourceBlendFactor);
void setDestBlendFactor(BlendFactor destBlendFactor);
void setBlendOperation(BlendOperation blendOperation);
void setSeparateAlphaBlendEnable(bool separateAlphaBlendEnable);
void setSourceBlendFactorAlpha(BlendFactor sourceBlendFactorAlpha);
void setDestBlendFactorAlpha(BlendFactor destBlendFactorAlpha);
void setBlendOperationAlpha(BlendOperation blendOperationAlpha);
void setAlphaReference(float alphaReference);
void setGlobalMipmapBias(float bias);
void setFogStart(float start);
void setFogEnd(float end);
void setFogColor(Color<float> fogColor);
void setFogDensity(float fogDensity);
void setPixelFogMode(FogMode fogMode);
void setPerspectiveCorrection(bool perspectiveCorrection);
void setOcclusionEnabled(bool enable);
const State update() const;
std::shared_ptr<Routine> routine(const State &state);
void setRoutineCacheSize(int routineCacheSize);
// Shader constants
word4 cW[8][4];
int4 i[16];
bool b[16];
// Other semi-constants
Stencil stencil;
Stencil stencilCCW;
Fog fog;
Factor factor;
struct UniformBufferInfo
Resource* buffer;
int offset;
UniformBufferInfo uniformBufferInfo[MAX_UNIFORM_BUFFER_BINDINGS];
void setFogRanges(float start, float end);
Context *const context;
RoutineCache<State> *routineCache;
#endif // sw_PixelProcessor_hpp