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// Copyright 2020 The SwiftShader Authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#ifndef vk_Context_hpp
#define vk_Context_hpp
#include "Config.hpp"
#include "Memset.hpp"
#include "Stream.hpp"
#include "System/Types.hpp"
#include "Vulkan/VkDescriptorSet.hpp"
#include <vector>
namespace vk {
class Buffer;
class Device;
class ImageView;
class PipelineLayout;
struct VertexInputBinding
Buffer *buffer;
VkDeviceSize offset;
struct IndexBuffer
inline VkIndexType getIndexType() const { return indexType; }
void setIndexBufferBinding(const VertexInputBinding &indexBufferBinding, VkIndexType type);
void getIndexBuffers(VkPrimitiveTopology topology, uint32_t count, uint32_t first, bool indexed, bool hasPrimitiveRestartEnable, std::vector<std::pair<uint32_t, void *>> *indexBuffers) const;
int bytesPerIndex() const;
VertexInputBinding binding;
VkIndexType indexType;
struct Attachments
ImageView *renderTarget[sw::RENDERTARGETS] = {};
ImageView *depthBuffer = nullptr;
ImageView *stencilBuffer = nullptr;
bool isColorClamped(int index) const;
VkFormat renderTargetInternalFormat(int index) const;
struct Inputs
Inputs(const VkPipelineVertexInputStateCreateInfo *vertexInputState);
void updateDescriptorSets(const DescriptorSet::Array &dso,
const DescriptorSet::Bindings &ds,
const DescriptorSet::DynamicOffsets &ddo);
inline const DescriptorSet::Array &getDescriptorSetObjects() const { return descriptorSetObjects; }
inline const DescriptorSet::Bindings &getDescriptorSets() const { return descriptorSets; }
inline const DescriptorSet::DynamicOffsets &getDescriptorDynamicOffsets() const { return descriptorDynamicOffsets; }
inline const sw::Stream &getStream(uint32_t i) const { return stream[i]; }
void bindVertexInputs(int firstInstance);
void setVertexInputBinding(const VertexInputBinding vertexInputBindings[]);
void advanceInstanceAttributes();
VertexInputBinding vertexInputBindings[MAX_VERTEX_INPUT_BINDINGS] = {};
DescriptorSet::Array descriptorSetObjects = {};
DescriptorSet::Bindings descriptorSets = {};
DescriptorSet::DynamicOffsets descriptorDynamicOffsets = {};
sw::Stream stream[sw::MAX_INTERFACE_COMPONENTS / 4];
struct BlendState : sw::Memset<BlendState>
: Memset(this, 0)
BlendState(bool alphaBlendEnable,
VkBlendFactor sourceBlendFactor,
VkBlendFactor destBlendFactor,
VkBlendOp blendOperation,
VkBlendFactor sourceBlendFactorAlpha,
VkBlendFactor destBlendFactorAlpha,
VkBlendOp blendOperationAlpha)
: Memset(this, 0)
, alphaBlendEnable(alphaBlendEnable)
, sourceBlendFactor(sourceBlendFactor)
, destBlendFactor(destBlendFactor)
, blendOperation(blendOperation)
, sourceBlendFactorAlpha(sourceBlendFactorAlpha)
, destBlendFactorAlpha(destBlendFactorAlpha)
, blendOperationAlpha(blendOperationAlpha)
bool alphaBlendEnable;
VkBlendFactor sourceBlendFactor;
VkBlendFactor destBlendFactor;
VkBlendOp blendOperation;
VkBlendFactor sourceBlendFactorAlpha;
VkBlendFactor destBlendFactorAlpha;
VkBlendOp blendOperationAlpha;
struct DynamicState
VkViewport viewport;
VkRect2D scissor;
sw::float4 blendConstants;
float depthBiasConstantFactor = 0.0f;
float depthBiasClamp = 0.0f;
float depthBiasSlopeFactor = 0.0f;
float minDepthBounds = 0.0f;
float maxDepthBounds = 0.0f;
uint32_t compareMask[2] = { 0 };
uint32_t writeMask[2] = { 0 };
uint32_t reference[2] = { 0 };
struct GraphicsState
GraphicsState(const Device *device, const VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo *pCreateInfo, const PipelineLayout *layout, bool robustBufferAccess);
const GraphicsState combineStates(const DynamicState &dynamicState) const;
inline const PipelineLayout *getPipelineLayout() const { return pipelineLayout; }
inline bool getRobustBufferAccess() const { return robustBufferAccess; }
inline VkPrimitiveTopology getTopology() const { return topology; }
inline VkProvokingVertexModeEXT getProvokingVertexMode() const { return provokingVertexMode; }
inline VkStencilOpState getFrontStencil() const { return frontStencil; }
inline VkStencilOpState getBackStencil() const { return backStencil; }
// Pixel processor states
inline VkCullModeFlags getCullMode() const { return cullMode; }
inline VkFrontFace getFrontFace() const { return frontFace; }
inline VkPolygonMode getPolygonMode() const { return polygonMode; }
inline VkLineRasterizationModeEXT getLineRasterizationMode() const { return lineRasterizationMode; }
inline float getConstantDepthBias() const { return constantDepthBias; }
inline float getSlopeDepthBias() const { return slopeDepthBias; }
inline float getDepthBiasClamp() const { return depthBiasClamp; }
inline float getMinDepthBounds() const { return minDepthBounds; }
inline float getMaxDepthBounds() const { return maxDepthBounds; }
inline bool hasDepthRangeUnrestricted() const { return depthRangeUnrestricted; }
// Pixel processor states
inline bool hasRasterizerDiscard() const { return rasterizerDiscard; }
inline VkCompareOp getDepthCompareMode() const { return depthCompareMode; }
inline float getLineWidth() const { return lineWidth; }
inline unsigned int getMultiSampleMask() const { return multiSampleMask; }
inline int getSampleCount() const { return sampleCount; }
inline bool hasSampleShadingEnabled() const { return sampleShadingEnable; }
inline float getMinSampleShading() const { return minSampleShading; }
inline bool hasAlphaToCoverage() const { return alphaToCoverage; }
inline bool hasPrimitiveRestartEnable() const { return primitiveRestartEnable; }
inline const VkRect2D &getScissor() const { return scissor; }
inline const VkViewport &getViewport() const { return viewport; }
inline const sw::float4 &getBlendConstants() const { return blendConstants; }
bool isDrawPoint(bool polygonModeAware) const;
bool isDrawLine(bool polygonModeAware) const;
bool isDrawTriangle(bool polygonModeAware) const;
BlendState getBlendState(int index, const Attachments &attachments, bool fragmentContainsKill) const;
int colorWriteActive(int index, const Attachments &attachments) const;
bool depthWriteActive(const Attachments &attachments) const;
bool depthBufferActive(const Attachments &attachments) const;
bool stencilActive(const Attachments &attachments) const;
bool depthBoundsTestActive() const;
inline bool hasDynamicState(VkDynamicState dynamicState) const { return (dynamicStateFlags & (1 << dynamicState)) != 0; }
VkBlendFactor sourceBlendFactor(int index) const;
VkBlendFactor destBlendFactor(int index) const;
VkBlendOp blendOperation(int index, const Attachments &attachments) const;
VkBlendFactor sourceBlendFactorAlpha(int index) const;
VkBlendFactor destBlendFactorAlpha(int index) const;
VkBlendOp blendOperationAlpha(int index, const Attachments &attachments) const;
bool alphaBlendActive(int index, const Attachments &attachments, bool fragmentContainsKill) const;
bool colorWriteActive(const Attachments &attachments) const;
const PipelineLayout *pipelineLayout;
const bool robustBufferAccess = true;
uint32_t dynamicStateFlags = 0;
VkPrimitiveTopology topology;
VkProvokingVertexModeEXT provokingVertexMode;
bool stencilEnable;
VkStencilOpState frontStencil;
VkStencilOpState backStencil;
// Pixel processor states
VkCullModeFlags cullMode;
VkFrontFace frontFace;
VkPolygonMode polygonMode;
VkLineRasterizationModeEXT lineRasterizationMode;
float constantDepthBias;
float slopeDepthBias;
float depthBiasClamp;
float minDepthBounds;
float maxDepthBounds;
bool depthRangeUnrestricted;
// Pixel processor states
bool rasterizerDiscard;
bool depthBoundsTestEnable;
bool depthBufferEnable;
VkCompareOp depthCompareMode;
bool depthWriteEnable;
float lineWidth;
int colorWriteMask[sw::RENDERTARGETS]; // RGBA
unsigned int multiSampleMask;
int sampleCount;
bool alphaToCoverage;
bool sampleShadingEnable = false;
float minSampleShading = 0.0f;
bool primitiveRestartEnable = false;
VkRect2D scissor;
VkViewport viewport;
sw::float4 blendConstants;
BlendState blendState[sw::RENDERTARGETS];
} // namespace vk
#endif // vk_Context_hpp