SPIR-V Assembler for WebGPU. The SPIR-V Assembler is a JavaScript library to convert SPIR-V assembly (as produced by spirv-dis in SPIR-V Tools) into a SPIR-V binary. The assembler assumes it is generating WebGPU SPIR-V and thus has the following limitations.

  • Only 32 bit integers and floats supported
  • Only GLSL accepted as an extended instruction set
  • Doesn't support ! syntax for integers
  • Doesn't support hex encoding for float
yarn install
yarn test

You can also use yarn watch to watch all of the files and re-run tests as needed.


Using yarn serve will start a webserver on localhost:5000. If you load the tests/index.html file this will load the SVA files into browser.

Command Line

There is a simple assembler binary with can be executed from the command line.

yarn sva tests/simple.spv_asm

The above will generate a o.sva file in the current directory.


If there is a new spirv-headers release update the externals folder checkout and then:

./tools/process_grammar.rb > src/